TrueMobile Guard

Say good bye to Caller Id Spoofing! unless they are in your in contact list the call is blocked.

If the call is important they will leave a voicemail and you can decide whether or not to create a new contact or block.

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How it works

  • Before a single ring
    True Mobile Guard checks to see if the number calling is in your contact list.
    If the number is not
    in your contact list the caller is blocked and routed to your voicemail.
    A voicemail
    notification appears if a message is left from the caller and after listening you can decide to add or block the contact.
    If the caller is in
    your contact list then the call comes in like normal and that caller will always be able to call you.
  • Minimal data usage
    True Mobile Guard does not save or have access to the data on your phone.
    Blocked numbers
    will no longer bother you or go to voicemail. Once added never hear from them again.
    Peace at last
    Finally a solution that truly works to avoid annoying spoofed calls that are affecting millions of us everyday.




If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us and ask us anything. True Mobile Guard is here to guard the public from unwated and fraudlent calls.

True Mobile Guard will stop at nothing to block all the annoying telemarketers who are spoofing calls. You can always email us here too! info@truemobileguard.com